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DCyphered Portraits by Jenny Risher

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In 1972 Berry Gordy moved Motown Records from Detroit to sunny Los Angeles. The move temporarily dampened the dreams of many aspiring local music artists. As the 1970s came to a close, R&B and disco had been replaced with Hip-Hop (founded in New York) as the musical voice of the youth. Young Detroiters began carving out their Hip-Hop presence by rapping in basements, record stores, and talent shows. They formed independently owned record labels, built their own studios, and released some of the best Hip-Hop music ever recorded. D-CYPHERED celebrates Detroit musical artists who have impacted the Hip-Hop scene in Detroit and beyond. - Kahn Santori Davison Publisher: Union AdWorks Book Design: Brett Veach Head of Print Production: Sandy Curtis Preface/Photographer: Jenny Risher Foreword: Grandmaster Caz Introduction: Nancy Barr Essay: Ironside Hex Cover Image: Royce da 5'9" Back Cover: Mr. Porter Published: 2017