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Embracing a City, the Kresge Foundation in Detroit: 1993-2017 by: Tony Proscio and M. A. Farber

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An introspective evaluation of the role a private philanthropy, The Kresge Foundation, has played over the past decade in Detroit’s renewal.

The book provides a behind-the-scenes look into the unlikely partnerships, unique collaborations, variety of financial tools and bold bets led by The Kresge Foundation during a 13-year period in Detroit to foster a sustainable and equitable recovery for the city and all of its residents. The authors originally imagined the book contents as four individual case studies. In preparation, they performed an exhaustive review of Kresge Foundation historical documents and a comprehensive scan of media coverage and journalistic commentary about Detroit’s recovery. They also conducted more than four dozen interviews with the individuals who participated in, witnessed or otherwise impacted the changing tide in the city of Detroit during this period. Once assembled, the authors agreed that—assembling together in context with one another – the content could serve as an important snapshot of some of the positive forces and extreme undercurrents at play in Detroit during this extraordinary time in the city.