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HUDSON’S Detroit’s World-Famous Department Store

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At 548 pages and over 7lbs, HUDSON’S is a massive tribute to the dynasty of Detroit’s J.L. Hudson’s department store. A beloved institution during the 1950s and ’60s, HUDSON’S is a dense archive of history and memories, with hundreds of vintage photos, letters, advertisements, and other ephemera. Architect, historian, and author Bruce Allen Kopytek tells the detailed story of the family runned department store, it’s expansion throughout metro Detroit’s suburban neighborhoods, and it’s rapid decline downtown. In a sense Kopytek has created the experience of Hudson’s in book form which follows the original Hudson’s design and color scheme throughout its oversized bigger-than-life presentation. By adding a simple Hudson logo gift ribbon, the illusion is complete. Hudson’s lives! “Discover the rags-to-riches story of Joseph L. Hudson, the culinary delights of Hudson’s restaurants, and the stories of people that made it all happen – right here in Detroit.”

“I wanted to create a book that didn’t just tell the history of Hudson’s. I wanted to SHOW the history. You can read the 250,000 words that are in there… or you can pull it off a shelf and just browse through it, and you’ll know more just by seeing things.”
-Bruce Kopytek

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  • 548 Pages
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